Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The one time it's ok to SWEAR

Signing the City of Hollister Oath

I know it's been a very, very, very long time since my last post, but without further ado here it goes! Monday morning Javier was sworn into his new job at the Hollister Police Department. And no, he's not a police officer, but he will be some day. That's the goal anyway, why else would we take a part time job without benefits? His title is Community Services Offiicer, which is kind of like support to the officers and animal control. The chief told Javier that they want to train him from the ground up to work for the Hollister PD. They have many officers that are not trained to help with animal control, and therefore cannot take the calls which results in a large backlog for the animal control. So their solution is to hire some part-timers that aspire to be police officers and then train them accordingly so that when they are officers they will have the experience and knowledge. I am so happy for him to be one step closer to his goal. He started volunteering at the police department about a year and a half ago, and when this position opened up they encouraged him to apply.Swearing to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic

I have to admit I wasn't super excited about it because it was only part time with no benefits, so I kind of discouraged it! How selfish of me! He even almost listened to me and tucked the application away, and then the last week decided to turn it in anyway because he thought at the very least it would give him experience with interviews and help for police officer jobs if he would ever get selected for an interview in another department. After almost a year, 200 applicants, a test, an essay (YIKES for Javier!), 4 interviews (jeez!), a physical, and a thorough background check you are looking at the two newest CSO's for the Hollister PD! The other guy in the picture is a CSO also, but will be doing parking enforcement and Javier will be doing Animal Control. That is why their uniforms are different. Then in a while they will switch so they are both trained in both areas.His new bosses, Chief Miller and Captain Westrick


Tiffiny said...

I was happy to see a new blog post! Congratulations to you guys!! How exciting.

Stefani said...

Yay for Javier! He'll be awesome! What a great day!