Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Little Roomba

Have you seen those robot vacuums that automatically vacuum an area at a specific time and then returns to it's base all on it's own? Well, I sort of have one of those. We don't call it Roomba though, we call it Carson. He just roams around the family room and kitchen on his belly and swoops up any microscopic piece of food. He doesn't care if it's fresh or 100 years old and petrified, it goes straight into his mouth. For that matter it doesn't even have to be food! He is really serious about his job too, because once he has something in his hand and he sees you coming he turns and crawls away as fast as he can. If you catch him before he puts whatever he has in his mouth you still have to pry it out of his fat little fist. He clenches his fist as if it was the only morsel of food he will have in days. He's even better than a Roomba because he reaches under couches and stoves, where a Roomba can't even go. He pulls stuff out from under the stove that I haven't seen in years, if I happen to recognize it. No matter how often I try to clean, I still catch him chomping away on something that is not meant for his belly. I swear, the person who invented those vacuums had to be inspired by their 9 month old.