Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Carson's Blessing

My Favorite Little Guy

We had Carson blessed last Sunday, August 30th. It was an extra special blessing because he is our third child, but the first one that Javier blessed. Cassie and Seth were both blessed by my dad. I had my uncles James and Loren, and my brother Jesse stand in with Javier, and of course Grandpa, my dad, and the branch president, Presidente Alvarado. Carson was such a little angel, he didn't make a peep during the whole blessing and then was happy to let anyone hold him and take a bunch of pictures of him. He is such a good baby! I was a little worried because we attend the Spanish branch, so of course the whole meeting was in Spanish. None of my family speaks Spanish so naturally I was worried that they would be bored. We solved it by getting the headphones out and Sister Booth was able to translate all the talks to English, so everything worked out great. With my whole family there, we easily tripled the size of our little branch. I was so proud of Javier, he gave Carson such a sweet blessing. I tried hard to listen, but it was difficult with Seth whispering in my ear the whole time. The best I can remember is that he blessed him to have a happy childhood, to grow strong and healthy, to marry a sweet and beautiful girl someday in the temple, to love his parents and siblings, to find the path to happiness in his life, to be a good student so that someday he will have a good career and be able to support a family. Of course immediately after the blessing he held Carson up and he just looked as cute as can be. After the sacrament we all went back to my mom's for lunch and pictures. Here are a few from that special afternoon.

My Little Family
Everyone that was able to come to the Blessing

Dad, Jesse, Javier, Grandpa, Loren, and James(not pictured) stood in the circle


Guzman Gang said...

What beautiful pictures!!! You did not just have a baby!! You look great! You all look so happy and Carson is adorable!

Tiffiny Sowards said...

Hey, Randalynn! I didn't know you had a blog!! It was fun to read a few posts about what's going on with you guys!

Congratulations on this weekend!! So many good things have been going on for you guys! I'm so disappointed that we'll be gone and not around to support you guys. Cute little Cassie will look so adorable in white. (as well as Seth & Carson, too but she's one of my CTR 6's and I just looove my class)

Good luck with it all. We'll be there in spirit!!