Monday, July 13, 2009

Carson's Birth Story

He is finally here! It seemed like forever, everyday that I was overdue was an eternity. My due date was June 30th, and at my last appointment I was dilated to one and the doctor said that if I didn't go into labor on my own he would induce me Sunday night at 10 p.m.-another six days! I thought surely I will go into labor before then. I was actually hoping for a 4th of July baby, but that came and went too. In fact here is a picture of me 5 days overdue at a 4th of July block party.
Sunday finally came so we got everything ready, ate dinner at my parents and visited a while and then headed to the hospital. Cassie and Seth stayed the night with my parents and poor Cassie was so upset because we were going "to the hospital". I had to explain to her that that's where you have babies and it's not only for people that are hurt. By 11p.m. the nurses had me in bed and the drugs in me to start the labor. About an hour went by and the contractions were starting slowly but consistently-I was even texting back and forth with my friend and Javier was watching a movie on the laptop. Soon enough the contractions grew more and more intense and were getting very painful. I just kept telling myself "you only have to get to 4, then they can give you the epidural". Pretty soon I was just getting hammered by the contractions, less than a minute apart. I was having front and back labor. Before one subsided the other would start-the contractions weren't letting me come up for air. Now it was about 3 a.m. and the nurse came in to check me again. I thought surely I am a 4 and she will call for the epidural. Well I wasn't!
I was only between a 2 and a 3, not even a 3! The thought of another 4 hours was just unbearable. I suffered through another hour, by now the contractions were very intense, I was gripping the side of the bed as if the harder I squeezed I would somehow get relief. Finally at 4 a.m. I sent Javier out to the nurse's station to ask her to check me. Again I thought surely I have to be dilated to 4 with these strong of contractions. Sure enough she checked and said "well now you are definately a 3". I about lost it, I had to choke back the tears. So I questioned her "why do I have to be dilated to 4, you can see on the monitor these contractions are less than a minute apart. Why can't I have the epidural now?" She reluctantly agreed to call my doctor and ask and he thankfully agreed to let me have it. Good thing because by the time the anesthetist got there and administered the epidural it was another hour! Finally at 5 a.m. they layed me back on the bed with epidural in place and everything seemed so sweet after that. Once they administered the epidural they started the pitocin and within an hour and a half I was dilated to 8. I guess I just have to have the drugs to get things going, because on my own nothing was happening. Once I was dilated to 8 the nurse called Dr. Armstrong and by the time he got there I had started pushing. The nurse told me everytime I felt the contraction to pull my legs back and give three big pushes. So Javier held one leg and I held the other and pushed until I thought my head was going to explode. Finally the doctor got there and started getting his scrubs and gloves on. By now each time I pushed Javier could see the head, so he told me to wait because the doctor wasn't ready. Well, you can't just wait at this point. Your body does the pushing for you. Then another nurse saw the head and said "um, she is crowning". Dr. Armstrong had to get in place because this baby was coming whether he was there or not. Then the most beautiful feeling happened, he was out and I could instantly breathe again! He started to cry that weak newborn cry that just melts your heart. They put him up on my chest and he was calmed, I couldn't believe he was finally here. The feeling is just overwhelming. He was all swollen and blue, and smashed, but still the most beautiful thing you ever set eyes on. Then they took him and put him in those little hospital cribs with the light over them and cleaned him up. Javier was right there at his side just looking at his sweet baby boy with tears running down his cheeks. Carson was just calm as could be and of course asleep almost the whole time we were there in the hospital, except for when they had to wake him up and take his temperature, or when he was hungry. I am so thankful that he is strong and healthy and happy! He weighed 8 lbs 6oz and was 20 inches long. It's funny how you can instantly love somebody so much! Within a few hours my mom brought Cassie and Seth to the hospital to meet their new brother, and you can see by the looks on thier faces how excited they were. It was a very LONG wait for them, so to finally meet him was so exciting! Cassie and Seth can hardly contain their excitement while Javier and I can hardly keep our eyes open, we were sooooo tired after a long night!

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annette said...

He's so precious and so worth the wait! We just loved holding him today. You can drop him off at our house ANY TIME! And now Randalynn, you need to post a picture of how great you look :) fitting right back into your clothes. That's so great!!!