Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hearing Aids

Ok, I know I am really lame and haven't posted in almost two months. I definately have failed my readers ( I just know there are thousands of you), so I am sorry. I got overwhelmed at Christmas time because things were happening so fast and close together there was no time to blog about them, so I just skipped over it completely. I promised myself I will do better next time. One thing that did happen at Christmas was that all my siblings were home and we all together as a family for a couple days. That is when I realized how bad my hearing had gotten. When we were all sitting around the family room together and talking in a big group, I felt myself withdrawing because I was missing out on what was being said, laughed at, etc. I even made a few wrong comments based on what I thought I heard and then just got laughed at and teased about it. I am definately not above being teased or teasing, but when you get teased about something you can't help and you made yourself feel like an idiot, it brings on a completely different feeling. No one meant to deliberately be mean, but it made me decide to take action. As soon as realistically possible I made an appointment with an audiologist for a hearing test and to discuss what possibilities for hearing aids I could use. Hearing loss at such a young age unfortunately is something I inherited from my grandma and mom. I grew up being around several family members with hearing loss and I was really dreading having to use hearing aids some day. My mom and grandma's hearing aids are pretty noticeable and, I am still young and self-concious about it so i was so happy that there were other options for people with my type of hearing loss. I ended up getting an open ear hearing aid, and it is barely noticeable at all.
The plastic piece that goes over your ear is where the microphone is, and it is small enough that your ear completely covers it. The plastic tube comes up over your ear and then goes inside, so the only visible part is a little piece of the plastic tube. You can only notice the tube if you are sitting right next to me. From accross the room the tube blends in with my skin and you can't even see it. Now that I have them, I just have to get used to hearing everything again. Except sometimes I don't want to hear everything, especially at home with two kids!