Sunday, December 7, 2008

11 Weeks Pregnant!

I am officially announcing on my blog that we are expecting our third child! The due date is June 30th, which makes me happy because I won't have to be pregnant through the whole summer. Just the first month or maybe less if the baby is early(not too early), which is what I always wish for. I feel like I have been pregnant for along time already since I have known for over a month. It must feel so long because I have been the sickest with this one out of the three. I wasn't sick at all with Cassie, and hardly at all with Seth. Maybe this is a sign that with each one the sickness gets worse, so I better stop now. I have been sick everyday all day so far, not sick enough to throw-up luckily, just wishing I could if it would give me some relief. We are both really bad at keeping secrets, so as soon as we knew we told our immediate family. I didn't want to tell the kids right away, only because I knew then EVERYBODY would know. Well Javier didn't think it was fair that everybody else knew in the family except them, so he told them before I convince him otherwise. We explained to them that there was a baby growing in mommy's tummy and in a long time it would come out and they would have a brother or a sister. They immediately started arguing over what it was going to be, as if whoever won the argument would get the gender they wanted. The next morning when Seth came into my room to let me know he was awake and ready for his breakfast and morning routine of Nickelodeon, he asked "Mom, is the baby still in your tummy?" I said "yes, it's still there" and he said "oohhh! I keep waiting!" and slapped his hand on the bed next to me. The only other person more impatient than me in this family is Seth, so I am prepared for a lot of hand slapping and "I keep waiting!" exclamations. The very next day my fears were confirmed when I got a call from Cindy, Seth goes to her house two mornings a week to play since he was so bored when Cassie started kindergarten. I hadn't even left 10 minutes and she was calling me to "make an inquiry" as she put it. She said that as soon as I left he said "Cindy! My mommy has a baby in her tummy!" I thought it was interesting that he didn't say anything in front of me while I was there, he waited until I left. We didn't tell them to keep it a secret, so I don't know why he waited until I was gone. Anyway, after the initial excitement they had'nt been talking about it much. Then last week in primary they were talking about the baby Jesus since Christmas is coming up, and Seth bolted out of his chair and announced to the whole primary "my mommy has a baby in her tummy!" All the adults just snickered and a few came up to me later in the hall and said "Congratulations! Your son made an announcement for you in primary." Seth is very excited to be a big brother and has announced it to everyone for me, which is just so darn cute. Cassie on the other hand hasn't said much of anything. I think when it's closer and I actually have a belly it will seem more real and she will be more excited. I know they will both be a huge help when the bundle of joy is finally here. I know I still have a long ways to go, but you know, I am Ms. Impatient. Hurry up!