Monday, November 10, 2008


This year for Halloween Seth was Curious George (actually just a monkey costume I bought at Target but I told him it was Curious George) and Cassie was a beautiful pink Unicorn. We did the usual tradition of carving pumpkins, although we didn't get around to it until the night before. Poor Cassie had a 103 degree fever and didn't even want to sit in a chair to watch, so I pulled our big cushioned chair into the kitchen so she could roll up in her blanket and watch. She ended up falling asleep, which is highly unlike her. Usually she's got toothpicks holding her eyelids open because she hates to go to bed. Seth, Javier, and I finished our pumpkins and took some pictures, then I just laid them next to her for a photo shoot just so she didn't get left out. Notice how Javier is wearing latex gloves, as if he or the pumpkin are going to get some kind of infection. He wouldn't want to get pumpkin guts under his fingernails, how grotesque! The next day was Halloween and I had to keep her home from school because of her fever in an effort to try and preserve what energy she might have for Trick-or-Treating. She missed her class parade and pizza party:(. She wasn't even upset, since she is always trying to weasel her way out of a day of school; which I am usually immediately repentant of whenever I give in. Thursday afternoon Seth had his Halloween party at pre-school, and it was so cute. There are only three girls in his class and they came as a fairy, Cinderella, and Belle. Kylie, the girl in the Cinderella dress was freezing cold, but wouldn't put on a jacket because it would take away from her costume, which is fashion blasphemy-even she knew that and she is 4 years old. The boys were mostly super-heros like Spiderman and Ninja turtles. One of them even came is Indiana Jones, which was so cute. So we lined them all up and marched around the school while all the moms laughed and ooohed and aahhed at our adorable children and took pictures. That evening it was off to the church parking lot for the easiest and most efficient trunk-or-treating around. Their bags were overflowing within 15 minutes and we only walked about a 100 foot radius. That works for me!