Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!!!

Today was Cassie's first day of kindergarten! She has been so excited to go to school. She has missed her friends this summer and made a new friend within the first few minutes. She has two teachers, one teaches only in Spanish and her name is Senora Lane, and the other teaches only in English and her name is Mr. Rios. All the parents stayed for a couple hours for orientation and then it was time for the parents to leave. That's when the pouting and crying started. Cassie was insecure about me leaving her, and I am pretty sure it was because she was starting the day in the Spanish classroom. Sra. Lane was really sweet and put her arm around Cassie and tried to comfort her in Spanish, but Cassie just looked at her and then said to me "I don't like Spanish!". Haha! Well she better get used to it. She will have half day in Spanish and half day in English everyday. She finally got busy playing and I slipped out without her noticing. Now I am home with just Seth and I feel like half of me is missing. I am sure I will get over it. Whoohooo!!!!!! She is in school!!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camping at Bullard's Bar

We went camping a couple weeks ago and had a blast! The kids were begging to stay "just one more night". We went to Bullards Bar, a lake about an hour past Marysville up past Sacramento. We are new at camping as a family, especially Javier since in Costa Rica you don't camp. It would just be to scary, too many scary animals since you are in the jungle. Well, of course he was worried about Grizzley bears and I assured him that "I have never seen a bear while camping" and not to worry about it and just relax and have fun. Well we pulled into our campsite and the first thing he noticed were these big metal cabinets in each campsite. I said, "well you know they are probably for the bears, but I am sure it is rare, so just relax and have fun!" So we did, we had s'mores the first night and played games. Then the second night came and we all fell asleep in our sleeping bags and then it happened. About 2 a.m. we hear our ice chest make the classic igloo ice chest "cccreeeeaaaakkk" open and something with a big hairy arm moving everything around, and then slam it shut super hard! It was almost as if he opened it and saw the food we had and didn't like it and said "these guys suck!" and then slammed it shut again. I didn't wake up until it slammed the ice chest shut, but poor Javier heard it's footsteps walking around our campsite and rummaging through everything as it was picking and choosing what food to eat. The bear ended up eating our macaroni salad, cheese, butter, and milk-which he ripped open from the center with his big claws. Someone found our butter carton in the middle of the road. Then we found out that one of our neighbors saw the bear and said it was probably a 300 hundred pound bear! It finally got scared off and left us alone. The rest of the time we spent boating on the lake and swimming in the river. The kids were content to play and dig on the shore. One of our fellow campers asked Cassie and Seth if they wanted to try their Ski Skimmer, and I was surprised but they both wanted to and they both got up on their first try! They did really well, I was so proud of them. We are really excited for next summer to go camping again, hopefully this time with some family.