Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sleepover at the Dover's

My kids and I had a fun sleepover at our friends house, The Dover's. Dee is my best friend and Cassie and Delaney are just 4 days apart and have known eachother literally since they came home from the hospital! Alyssa is Delaney's older sister by two years and Brandon is their older brother. We spent the day together here in Hollister, and then decided to all go back to their house in Gustine for a sleepover and swimming.
The kids have just started taking swim lessons this week, and have improved immensely in just a few days. Cassie started out using floaties, which is a big improvement from her life jacket, and within a little while she tore those off and wanted to swim without anything like her friend Delaney who just started swimming this week without a life jacket either. So this week, two fish were born! Seth was running and jumping belly-flop style into thier pool. He's not quite as strong a swimmer, so he kept his floaties on the whole time. I also bought a cool camera this year for my birthday that is waterproof and takes underwater pictures, so I tried it out on the girls and got some pretty cute pictures. By the afternoon we were all tired and I decided it was time to go. We weren't even outside their neighborhood before I saw heads bobbin' in the back. They were both sound asleep and stayed asleep all the way to Hollister.